1.0mm to 8.0mm Professional Drill Bits HSS-Co Cobalt – Various Sizes – Metal Plastic Wood


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Professional Drill Bits HSS-Co Cobalt  Various Sizes  Metal Plastic Wood

Drill Bit Type: Twist Drill
Shank Type: Straight Shank
Manufactured from HSS
Containing Sizes :1.0mm To 8.0mm

Long service life ,low consumption
-For use with metal, plastic and wood.
-Flute diameter ranges from 1mm – 8mm.
-Manufactured from HSS 4241 'High Speed Steel'.
-5% Cobalt for higher heat and abrasion resistance.

Package included:
1 x Drill Bit

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Diameter 1.0mm, Diameter 1.5mm, Diameter 2.0mm, Diameter 2.5mm, Diameter 3.0mm, Diameter 3.2mm (+US$0.50), Diameter 3.5mm (+US$0.50), Diameter 4.2mm (+US$0.50), Diameter 4.5mm (+US$0.50), Diameter 4.8mm (+US$0.50), Diameter 4mm (+US$0.50), Diameter 5.5mm (+US$1.00), Diameter 5mm (+US$1.00), Diameter 6.5mm (+US$1.00), Diameter 6mm (+US$1.00), Diameter 7.5mm (+US$1.50), Diameter 7mm (+US$1.00), Diameter 8mm (+US$1.50)