1.5x6mm Trit Vials Metallic Vertical Stripes Keychain Self-luminous 15-Years


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Product name: 1.5x6mm Trit Vials Self-luminous Keychain
Waterproof: 100m
Keychain material: Metallic Vertical Stripes
Color: orange,yellow,green,blue(please choose the color you want )
Size: 1.5x 6mm

Glows continuously for 15 years
Bright and visible unique clear white glow
Completely contained and self-powered
Perfect for tagging zippers (on tents, bags, etc), tying on keychains, flashlights, etc

Package included:
1 x 1.5x6mm Trit Vials Self-luminous Keychain

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Color Blue, Color Green, Color Orange, Color Yellow