1.5x6mm Tritium Tube Self-luminous 15-Years Keychain


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Product name: 1.5x6mm Tritium Tube Keychain
Material: Tritium gas
Waterproof: 100m
light range:7-8cm
Color: green,blue,yellow
Weight: 10g
Size: 1.5mm x 6mm

Tritium tracheal illuminated 15 years, no batteries, no accumulation of light.
Can be used in underwater 100 m, can be used in harsh environment.
Tritium gas emitting techniques have been applied in various areas to civil.

gifts or act the role ofing is tasted, buckle in key string, backpack, mobile phone chain, pet chain, the head of a bed, and so on.In the KTV, bar, no dark place, only you in the glow!!

Package included:
1 x 1.5x6mm Tritium Tube Keychain

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