10LM Spark Plug Style Mini Portable LED Keychain Flashlight


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Product name: LED Keychain Flashlight
Material: buckle hanging light high-strength aluminum alloy
Lumens: 10 lm  
Color: blaclk,sliver,red,blue,purple
Size: 60mm x 15mm (length x diameter)

1.With a small head, gently twist it, everything becomes easier.
2.Made Ÿ??Ÿ??of high quality buckle hanging light high-strength aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable.
3.The latest small flashlight, you just take it and hang your keys together

A small battery and a insulating strip inside
No normal on/off switch , through the insulating strip controlling the on or off.
Take out the insulating strip and slightly whirl the front part to the most tightly , the LED light will be turned on.
Put the insulating strip on the battery ,the LED light will be turned off.

Package included:
1 x LED Keychain Flashlight

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