12Pcs Woodworking Wood Carving Hand Chisel Professional Gouges Tool Set



12Pcs Woodworking Wood Carving Hand Chisel Professional Gouges Tool Set 
Material: Carbon Steel + Wooden
Color: Silver + Yellow
Whole Length: About 195mm
Size Includes:

Items Name Size: (inch) Quantity:(piece)
wood chisel 1/2 1
wood chisel 1/4 1
round nose chisel 1/4 1
square wood chisel 1/4 1
skew wood chisel 1/4 1
diamond point chisel 1/4 1
curved chisel 1/4 1
"U" gouge 1/4 1
wood turning gouge 1/2 1
straight gouges 1/2 1
straight gouges 9/16 1
parting tool 1/2 1

-Assorted tip shapes and sizes for a variety of projects
-Adopting high quality carbon steel
-With Wooden handles, the handles are made with quality polished wood for comfortable grip and the chisels are made with razor sharp harden steel.
-With a plastic pouch for easy storage and transportation
-For wood working, carving projects, lathes,etc.
-Chisels are polished for a fine finish
-Chrome- plated ferrules prevent handels from splitting under pressure
-Proportionately wooden handles offer plenty of stability and control
-Every cutting edge is honed and buffed ready for immediate use
-Ideal for small carving projects or detail work on large jobs, this set is ideal for carpenters, carvers, artists and many other professions.

Package included:
1x 12Pcs Carving Hand Chisel Tools

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