168 LED Hydroponic Light Lamp Red Plant Grow Bulb E26 16W 110V 220V


168 LED Red Blue Orange Plant Grow Bulb E26 16W 110V 220V Hydroponic Light Lamp


LEDs are rated at 10000mcd.
Ratio: 17 red, 9 orange, 2 blue.
Total LED: 168pcs Tri-band (102 Red, 54 Orange and 12 Blue)
Energy consumption is 5-10% of a typical light bulb (depending on wavelength)
Red light stimulate flowering and seed production.
Orange light stimulate growth of carotenoids to make plants stay healthy.
Blue light stimulate stem and leaf growth.
Minimum HEAT ( energy efficient )
Ultra light weight (132g) with fireproof grade plastic.
Better heat dissipation with 6 vent holes.
Better space utilization to fit in fixtures.
Standard E26 base.
Good for green houses.


LED: 168 pieces
Input voltage:
AC85-135V for US / AC185-265V for EU (please select your suitable one)
Power: 16W
Weight: 132g
Diameter: 12cm, Height: 11cm
Recommended height:  2 feet to 8 feet
Recommended coverage: 5 square feet @ 5 feet
Coverage:  1 square feet @ 2 feet, 5 square feet @ 5 feet, 9 square feet @ 8 feet

Red: 660nm
Orange: 612nm
Blue: 460nm

Red: 10000mcd
Orange: 10000mcd
Blue: 10000mcd

Package included:

1 x E26 168-LED plant grow bulb

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