2-Axis Spider Shock Absorber Auto Video Handheld Stabilizer Gimbal For DSLR Canon Nikon Sony


Portable 2-Axis Spider Shock Absorber Auto Video Handheld Stabilizer Gimbal For DSLR Canon Nikon Sony


Dual Gimbal Handgrips
It is a mechanically driven, twin grip gimbal stabilization system
Support HDSLR/mirrorless cameras and small to medium sized camcorders
Easy to balance and operate, requiring no additional weights, motors, or batteries
Allows the camera operator to move freely around the subject, capturing entire scenes in a single take with just one camera
Makes the ideal for filmmakers of all levels to capture fluid and steady footage without a steep learning curve or long set-up times


Carrying Case Included
1/4 -20 inch Camera Screw
Tilt Control to Mimic Jib-Style Shots
Twin Grips for Multi-Operator Shooting
Easy Balancing and Intuitive Operation
No Weights, Motors, Required Batteries
3/8 -16 & 1/4 inch -20 Accessory Threads
Net Weight:1.6kg
Load Capacity: 6kg
Dual Gimbal Handgrips

Each gimbal independently moves to give let the camera seemingly float through the air.
The stabilizer is built around two advanced gimbals atop each handgrip, which provide fluid movement along multiple axes
Having two handgrips also allows you to change directions quickly and smoothly, as well as reduce operator fatigue common to single-handed stabilizers

Tilt Control

Unlike other stabilizers which keep the camera level at all times, the stabilizer lets you adjust the tilt of the camera using your thumbs
Easily tilt the camera up or down while operating, letting you capturing low-angle and high-angle shots, or even mimic the effect of jib or crane-style shots

Multi-Operator Capable

Passing the camera through a window, over an obstacle, or under a subject can often require highly trained camera operators with extensive amounts of equipment.
The twin-style grips on the Orbit give filmmakers of all levels the ability to easily pass the rig from one operator to the next without upsetting the fluidity of the shot.

Package included:

1 x 2-Axis Spider Video Handheld Stabilizer

Detail pictures: