3-13MM Step Drill HSS Straight Flute Pagoda Drill Hexagon Shank


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3-13MM Step Drill HSS 4241 Straight Flute Pagoda Drill Hexagon Shank

Step drill,also known as multi-purpose drill with straight flute,spiral groove,single slot. White diamonds,titanium drill,colorful diamond,black diamond.Handle a round handle,triangular handle,hex shank,SDS shank. It has the functions of deburring, chamfering and elliptic hole enlargement. Don't need to use center punch, it is more durable and not easily  broken compared with the ordinary twist drill.

Material:  High Speed Steel 4241 ( Used for the hardness of the material which is below 25°, like iron borad, steel board, PVC board, Insulation board, etc.)
Surface: Titanium Plated
Type: Straight Flute
Handle: Hexagon Shank
Scop: thin iron plate,aluminum,insulation panels,PVC panels 4mm thickness within the timber.

Size & Weight:

3-13MM 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm 11 steps 28G

High speed steel material, more durable.
Titanium coated to reduce friction and run cooler
No need for a pilot hole,  can automatically deburr holes as you drill.
Special step stucture, can drill different size holes, 1 step drill can be used as 1 box of drill bit.
Working with water cooling, can effectively extend the service life of bit, drilling speed 250–400 recommended.
Widely used to cut holes in a variety of material like steel, wood, thin iron, aluminum alloy, insulation boards, PVC sheet,ect.

Package included:
1x 3-13MM Step Drill


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Size 3-13MM