3.5mm Audio Headphone Adapter Mic Extension Cable


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3.5mm Audio Headphone Adapter Mic Extension Cable

Features : 
1. Brand new and high quality
2. 3.5mm Male to Female
4. color:Black,red
5. Length:120cm
6. This Extension Cord fits headphone which the jack is 3.5mm,the mic and the remote of the headphone can work well when you use this extension cable connect your headphone to your mobile phone.
Compatible with these mobile phone : 
Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII i9300 Note 2 N7100,Galaxy S4  I9500,SGH-M919,SGH-I337,SCH-I545,GT-I9505,HTC one and other cellphone. 
HTC ONE X M7,G6,G7 A8181 A8180 Desire,G8 A3333 A3366 Aria
G9 A6380,G10 Desire HD DHD A9191,G11 Incredible S S710E S710D
G12 DESIRE S S510E,G13 WILDFIRE S A510E,G14 Pyramid, Sensation Z710E
G15 Salsa C510E,G16 CHACHA A810E,G17 EVO3D,EVO3D+,G18,G19,G20,G21,G22
Other cellphone : 
Touch HD T8288 T8282,HD7 HD2,EVO 4G A9292,X315E,P510E FLYER p512e
Function : 
After you get this adapter,you can use it to connect other Headsets or Speaker or car
Aux to listen music by your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 this adapter comes with the Microphone,Play/Pause button and Forward/Backward buttons for music playback,it can aswer and end the call.
Notes : 
1.This Headphone Extension Cable is ONLY suitable for Android cellphones, it CAN NOT work with IPHONE or COPYCAT Cellphone
2. Some HTC cellphones may suffer a problem like this: the " Next " button do not function but the " Pre“ button work. It's a software bug, just upgrade your cellphone to a latest version.
3. If the " Pre" and " Next " button do not work when playing music, it is caused by the setting of your music playing app, please make sure it is set in " allowed control by wire”
4. Before connect this cable to you phone, plug your earphone to it first. If not, some cellphone may not identified the wire control of this cable. 
Package Included : 
1 x Extension Cable with Mic

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