3.8mm+4.5mm+Triwing Security Screwdriver Bit Set for NES SNES N64 Game Boy Wii

Please see chart below for the systems and games the Security Bits can open.
Bits are made from steel.
Approximately 2 inches in length.
3.8mm Security Bit is specifically designed with 4.4mm diameter to open game cartridges with recessed.
Security screws (NES, SNES and Nintendo 64).
Screwdriver is 4 inches in length.

Video Game Systems

Game Console 3.8mm Bit 4.5mm Bit Triwing
Nintendo NES Top Loader (NES-101)   Yes  
Super Nintendo Full Size (SNES-001)   Yes  
Super Nintendo Miniature (SNES-101)   Yes  
Nintendo 64   Yes  
Nintendo GameCube   Yes  
Nintendo Wii and Wii U     Yes
GameBoy Original     Yes – Some Philip Screw
GameBoy Play it Loud     Yes
GameBoy Pocket     Yes
Virtual Boy   Yes  
GameBoy Micro      
GameBoy Advance     Yes
GameBoy Advance SP     Yes
Nintendo DS     Yes
Nintendo DS Lite     Yes
Nintendo DSi     Yes
Nintendo DS XL     Yes
Nintendo 3DS     Yes
Nintendo 3DS XL     Yes
Sega 32X   Yes  
Sega GameGear   Yes  
Sega Nomad   Yes  
TurboGrafx-16   Yes  
TurboDuo   Yes

Video Game Cartridges

Game Cartridge 3.8mm Bit 4.5mm Bit Triwing Other
Nintendo NES Yes      
Super Nintendo Yes      
Nintendo 64 Yes      
GameBoy Original Yes      
GameBoy Color Yes      
GameBoy Advance     Yes  
Nintendo DS     Yes  
Nintendo 3DS     Yes  
Sega Master System   Yes    
Sega Genesis Yes (Few) Yes (Most)   ** Can Vary **
Sega 32X   Yes    
Sega GameGear   Yes    

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