30-120mm Woodworking Adjustable Hole Saw Drill Cutting Tool


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30-120mm Woodworking Adjustable Hole Saw Circular Saw Drill Cutting Tool

Model: GX808
Material: Alloy
Type: Woodworking Drill Bit
Use: Wood Drilling

Can freely adjust the size of holes.
Circle hole cutter easily cuts holes from 1"(30mm) to 5"(120mm). Maximum depth 1 3/16" (30mm).
Will cut plywood, laminates, composite boards, gypsum board, plastic, rubber, & many other material.

Set both cutting blades on holder tightly and correctly.
To adjust the size, locate the inner edges of the blade holders against the size graduation.
Set the two blade holders at the desired graduation on the measure bar by tightly screwing the hex nuts using an L shape hex wrench.
Use the chisel end drill to bore thin wood. Use the twist drill for thick wood.
Before boring, hold the two sides of veneer and timber firmly by stepping on it. Take care to set the twist drill and chisel and drill at the center of the desired hole, then start boring. When using a power drill, be sure to contact the cutting blades gradually and slowly on the object to be bored. Abrupt contact of the blades on the boring object can give shock to your hands.
 If you wish to do deep boring (1" to 2", or 25mm to 50mm), use the "free doughnut" from one side of the timber, then start boring again from the other side until the cutting blades bore through a hole making a doughnut-shaped disc.
A large hole with maximum diameter of 120mm can be bored by using the measure bar.

Package Included:
1x  Adjustable Drill
1x Extrat Bit
1x Hex  Wrench