30Kg 66.1Lbs Toggle Clamp Metal U Bar Vertical Type Hand Clamp


30Kg 66.1Lbs Toggle Clamp Holding Capacity Metal U Bar Vertical Type Hand Tool

Type: Vertical
Handle Opens Angle: 88°
Bar Opens Angle: 80°
Holding Capacity: 30Kg/ 66.1Lbs
Hole Dia: 0.6cm/ 0.236"
Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber Cushion

Brand new Toggle Clamp
Ideal for quickly holding down sheet metal or circuit boards, for machine operation, welding, mould, electronic equipment assembly,etc.
During clamping, the lever is controlled to prevent impact on functioning due to side thrust.
Side Mount hold-down toggle clamp, U-shaped clamping bar.
Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation.
Oil and Stain resistant red vinyl hand grips.

Diagrammatic sketch:

Package included:
1x Toggle Clamps