323 Quick Release Clamp Adapter 200PL-14 QR For Manfrotto Tripod


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323 Quick Release Clamp Adapter With 200PL-14 QR For Manfrotto Camera Tripod


This 323 RC2 System Quick Release Adapter with 200PL-14 Plate adds a compact quick release system to any head that does not include one yet. Its compact 200PL-14 quick release plate makes it ideal for use with point and shoot cameras, digital SLR cameras, or spotting scopes
The 323 adapter allows quick mounting and dismounting of the camera from the tripod head. A 3/8 inch-16 threaded socket with a 1/4 inch-20 reducer bushing makes it compatible with any tripod head
This item is not manufacture by Manfrotto. It is 3rd party manufacture to compatible with Manfrotto


2-Stage Safety Quick Release System
Material : Aluminium
Plate : 200PL-14
Attachment: 3/8 inch screws thread

Package Included:

1 x 323 Quick Release Adapter
1 x 200PL-14 QR Plate

Detail Pictures :