40 x 40CM Professional LED Softbox Lamp Photography Studio Suits


40cm x 40cm Professional LED Photography Equipment Softbox Lamp Photography Studio Suits



Applicable for: Mobile Phone, Card Machine, SLR
Does not produce harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation
Solid-state lighting can damp vibration. Life is as high as 20000-30000 hours
Use of cold light technology. Heat is much lower than the ordinary lighting lamp.


Power: 30W
Color Index: 82
Output Voltage: 18V
Input Voltage: 85-220V
Color Temperature: 5500k
Studio Brightness: 12000-13000 lumens

Package included:

1 x Led Power Supply
2 x Led Lamp Board
12 x Support Bar
8 x Plastic Joint
2 X Sets of Screw
1 x Reflective Covering for The Body

Detail pictures:


1. Avoid Lighting. No cutout. Directly out of a good photo.



2. High brightness. A pure white background pictures directly.


Brightness is as high as 1201 x = 10 12010 lumens.Relatively ordinary studio 3 times as much.

Brightness is only 371 x 10 = 3710 lumens.


3. No strobe. Mobile phone. The card machine and SLR can.

4. The Small Footprint

Only 40 x 40 x 40 cm footprint.Leaving it on the table.

5. Use of Electricity Safely

Isolation type voltage design allows you to use

Full Voltage & Professional Power

Full Voltage:
Traditional photography lamp voltage 220 v.Frequent adjustment has certain risk, than the traditional energy-saving lamps security is greatly increased.
Special Power Supply:
Counterweight special photographic lamp power supply, more powerful than a laptop power supply, 18-20 v output isolation type safety voltage.

6. Use Polycarbonate Material

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Other common problems:

1. Q. About the LED studio electricity
    A. This kind of LED lights each lamp bead is 0.5 watts, a total of 60 x 60 = 30 V, 0.5 V 1 KWH for 1 KWH

2.Q. How to place the background plate
   A.The studio has two background board slot, both ends of the plate are respectively inserted into the slot, then the background

3.Q. How the indicator lights voltage
   A.The LED light on the studio for standby indicator lights, only 0.1 watts