600mL 220V 75W Electric Spray Gun Airless House Fence Sprayer Painting Tool



600mL 220V 75W Electric Spray Gun Airless House Fence Sprayer Painting Tool

Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Cup Capacity: 600ml
Working current: 0.6A
Power: 75W
Size: 220x207x35mm

1.High production efficiency, can greatly improve the coating efficiency savings coatings, easy to operate
2.Specially designed components, extremely resistant, easy disassemble, cleaning and maintenance of common abnormal simplified.
3.Suitable for most paint, metal or water-based coatings and conductive coatings can be applied.

1.The liquid spray bottle filled with liquid. Connected to the 220V power supply, press the switch, the gun that is launched, there is a strong vibration impact sound, a few seconds after the start of injection, and to work deep into the sound.
2. Fails to work properly after the start, the test tone knob behind the method is: first the knob and then slowly back into action, in order to achieve the quietest, highest pressure reached. Hand in the test pressure from vents at 50cm, with strong hemp shock. (Note: after a good tune, usually do not just go and adjust)
3.Decontamination effective distance between the nozzle and the target 10-15cm, press operating at 45 degree angle, repeatedly until the jet to remove stains.

Suitable for automotive parts, switchboards, control panel, heavy machinery, appliance parts, steel furniture, carpentry products, gilt protection, knitted fabric (gray cloth), garment dyeing industry, suits, screen printing, die, metal, car , advertising, IC version, and other industry best decontamination tool.

After the completion of each job, you must add a diluent (such as bananas, water) in the tank, spray several times with a diluent, the residual paint spray and clean the tank and muzzle. So next time, it will not block the spray gun nozzle.

Package included:
1 x Electric paint spray gun
1 x Funnel
1 x User manual

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