8203 Aluminium Monopod For Professional Digital SLR Camera


8203 Aluminium Monopod For Professional Digital DSLR SLR Camera

Description :

Tripod For Camera Digital 8203 is thesports support, especially for irregular photography,imported high quality material, the maximum stress 500g,specification 60*8*8.5cm,746g product net weight,can put the camera's temporary camera on different irregular objects,such as cars, pillars, branches, etc.is a good partner, you travel camera is also a high-end camera good partner!

Comes with English manual book, with full and detailed descriptions.

Specification :

Product material aluminum alloy
Foot rack section number 5
Contraction height 450 mm
Minimum working height 450 mm
Maximum working height 1650 mm
The largest diameter 32 mm
The smallest diameter 12mm
Weight 480g
Max load capacity 5kg

Package included:

1 x 8203 Aluminium Monopod

Details :