Aluminum Toggle Clamp Fastening Platen Fixture Hand Clamp


Toggle Clamp Fastening Platen Fixture Hand Clamp


Material: Aluminum
Color: Silver
Size: 145x52mm/5.7*2 inch
Suitable For: Pressing various boards batch processing

1.Make of Aluminum material,durable and solid,never rust,easy to use.
2.Side Mount hold-down toggle clamp, U-shaped clamping bar,Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation.
3.Suitable for pressing various boards batch processing.

How to use:
1.The CNC Router Fixture mounted to the fixed position of the countertop,
adjust the thickness of the material to be engraved,according to the preceding good screw position.
2.Fixing screws. Regulate the height of the front end of the screw, press
the red handle and start carving, convenient and quick.

Package Included:
Aluminum Toggle Clamp

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