Aputure Amaran HR672C CRI95+ Studio Video Light LED Photo Light


Aputure Amaran HR672C CRI95+ Studio Video Light LED Photo Light Adjustable Color Temperature Light


Amaran HR672 is the ultimate LED portable video light using a universal 2.4G wireless signal and lamp beads with 95+ CRI.
It features strong and steady light, wireless control, group control, PWM technology and lightweight.
Enjoy professional lighting quality with Amaran HR672.


1. Functions:

2.4G wireless control
Flicker free
Control 14 groups LED lights
Digital brightness display
Wireless brightness control
Color temperature display (HR672C)
Wireless color temperature control (HR672C)
Charges batteries while powered by AC
Double power supply system
Battery power indicator

2. Property:

High color rendering LEDs (Ra>95)
Long lifespan and steady light
PWM technology and low power consumption
High efficiency, energy saving beads
Efficient heat sink technology

3. Design:

Slim design
Universal lamp bracket
White diffusing filter
3200K CTO filter (HR672W/HR672S)
Carrying bag


Model HR672C
Operation Current ≤4A
Power 45W
Beam Angle 750
Color Temperature 3200-5500K
Power Supply DC15V
Average Life Span ≥100. 000h
Cooling Mode Natural Ventilation
Remote Frequency 2 4GHz
Channels 3
Groups A / B / C / D
Remote Range ≤30m
Volume (L * W * H) 238 * 190 * 32mm
Net Weight 585g


Model Distance Footcandles LUX
HR672C 1M 53 570
2M 18 190
3M 8 90

Important Notice:

Please do not directly face the LED when the lights are on.
Never block the ventilation grill by covering it with paper or clothes.
Do not place the LED light near alcohol or other flammable objects.
Keep all liquids away from LED panel.
When the LED light is on or against the other items above, please turn it off lest they cause fire or damage to the light.
Do not make LED light face down when move the light stand.
Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to clean Amaran. Use only neutral detergents to remove the dirt and stains. Do not use strong cleaning agents such as thinner gasoline, or alcohol.  (The instruction and information in this manual are based on strict, controlled company testing procedures Further notice will not be given if the design and specifications change)

Package Included:

1 x LED Photo Light
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Light Bracket
1 x 1/4 to 3/8 stud
1 x White Diffusion filter
1 x Orange Diffusion filter
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Specifications
2 x 6600mAh F970 Battery
1 x Instructions

Detail Pictures: