Black Light Soft Quick Rapid Camera Sling Shoulder Neck Strap


Black Light Soft Quick Rapid Camera Sling Shoulder Neck Strap


Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)

You are looking at ONE brand new Shoulder Neck QUICK SLING STRAP for SLR and DSLR.
Improved padding for more comfortable wear.
Improved hook for maximum durability and safety.
Compare with other similar straps selling by other sellers and bid with confidence! You will notice the difference! Best Quality Better price for you.
Q-Strap Features:

QStrap features soft and comfortable padding, adjustable straps, durable metal clip, a threaded mounting plate (with anti-slip surface),and a zipper secure pocket for storing extra batteries or memory cards in their protective cases.
Q-Strap is light-weighted, with the length adjustment located in the front for quick access.
A standard thin camera straptypically joints your DSLR at two points, mounting on either side of the top of your DSLR, so that you can hang around your neck or your
You’ll find that this conventional strap sucks and lacks in versatility if you’re lugging heavy gears.
If you consistently suffered stinging pain due to day-long event-shooting, it’s time to consider the sling-style camera strap.
This cross-body or sling type strap fits comfortably across your shoulder and torso, positioning your camera on your side.
In one swift motion, you can quickly raise your camera into shooting position.


How does Q-Strap work:

Q-strap is unique in 3 aspects as below:
The  way  Q-Strap  attaches  to  your  DSLR.
Differ from conventional strap which attaches your DSLR via 2-point-joints, this sling-type camera strap attaches  to your DSLR’s tripodmount (at the bottom) with a mounting plate.
A durable Ergo Strap metal clip, which clips on the mounting plate, connects the strap with your DSLR.
The Ergo Strap metal clip travels along a nylon strap, allowing you to quickly raise and lower your camera.
While you can technically wear any sling-style camera strap across your chest, if it’s long enough, that’s specifically how Q-strap was designed to be worn, complete with a 30% thickening of shoulder pad (compare to Black Rapid), which is made of  complex nylon fabric.
Theoverall DSLR weight is more evenly distributed, and you still fell comfortable even after hours of continuous shooting.
The  way  that  photographer  draw  to  shoot / fire.
As you drawing the DSLR up to eye level when you’re ready to shoot, the metal clip effortlessly slides along the Q-Strap up to where you're pulling it.
In that way, you can shoot in a pinch, just in one swift motion from rest to shooting.
And it is also easy to set your DSLR down to resting position in between shots.

Package included:

1 x Camera Strap