Blackwater Fluorite Star self-luminous 25Years For EDC LED Flashlight 17x13mm


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Product name: Blackwater Fluorite Star
Material: Red Copper/Brass/TC4 titanium
Size: 17x13mm (length x diameter)

1.Design inspiration comes from classical Chinese lanterns
2.Free 5meters of paracord,allows DIY EDC design
3.Avaliable in Tianium,red copper and brass
4.Sturdy and durable,can be used as a bracelet or necklace
5.Six-tritium design,glow through 360degrees
6.More than 100times brighter than traditional luminescent coating
7.Unique Tritium bar that automatically glows in the dark,with up to 25years lifespan

Package included:
1 x Blackwater Fluorite Star
1 x paracord
6 x tritium tube

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