Cree XP-G2 Stainless Steel 3-Mode AAA Mini LED Flashlight


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Product name: Cree XP-G2 Stainless Steel AAA LED Flashlight
Emitter Brand/Type: CREE XPG2
Color BIN: Cool White,Netural White
Material: High Quality Stainless Steel
Total Emitters: 1
Mode: Low (5%)>mid (50%)>High  (100%)
Lens: High strength special tempered glass lens
Battery Configurations:  1xAAA(not included)
Switch Type: Tail Switch
Waterproof: Yes
Weight: 22g net weight
Size: 70.2mmx13.8mm

1.Two color bin Cool White light and Netural White.
2.Depressing the switch always Start on LOW,without momery mode.
3.The tail button switch, click can shift
4.The quality and hardness is higher than 304 Stainless Steel.

Package included:
1 x Cree XP-G2 Stainless Steel AAA Mini LED Flashlight
1 x Glass
5 x O ring

Choose Options

Light Cool white light, Light Neutral white light