DQG Hobi 10180 Titanium/SS/Brass Extension Tube (through-hole)



Product name: DQG Hobi Extension Tube(through-hole)
Material:  Titanium/SS/Brass (please choose the material when ordering)
Suit for:  DQG Hobi Flashlight,DQG Capsule Keychain Storage

The Waterproof extension body can be used as waterproof cabin and also can be use to longer the length.
With 2 pcs of Extension Tube;  DQG Hobbi can install 1×10440 li-ion.

Package included:
1 x DQG Hobi Extension Tube  (Do not included the battery and flashlight)

Choose Options

Color Brass (+US$2.00), Color Stainless steel, Color Titanium gray (+US$3.00)