FEIBAO 0.5mm Aluminum Alloy Spray Gun Air Sprayer Painting Tools


This item is widely used to spray for refresh your cars, pushbikes or motorbikes frames, furnitures, toys, instruments, machines, etc.
Spray evenly and redecorate things perfectly.
It is a quite practical helper that should be recommended to you! 

Model: FB0033 
Color: silver
Materials: aluminum alloy
Size: 200cc
Weight: (approx.) 350g

Caliber of nozzle: 0.5mm
Capacity of cup: 125ml
Width of spray: 50mm
Feeding mode: gravity feeding
Compatible air pressure: 2kgf
Best spraying distance: 100-150mm

Package included
1 x FEIBAO K3 Spray Gun
1 x Aluminum Cup
1 x Small Spanner
1 x Brush