FOTGA 33 Inch 83cm Photo Studio Flash Reflector Black Sliver Umbrella


FOTGA 33 Inch 83cm Photo Studio Flash Light Reflector Reflective Black Sliver Umbrella


This studio reflector umbrella is double layers one (black and Silver). Black externally, Silver internally. The silver intral lining can minimize light loss while maximizing light spread. It allows about 50% transmission of light to provide a side,even,and soft illumination. Its light weight, ease to use and assemble makes it be ideal for both portraits and group shots or shooting on large objects. It bring your a perfect experience on shooting with studio flash.

Material: Nylon & silver reflective material,aluminum shaft
Size: 33 inch / 83cm
Length: Approx. 57.5cm
Shaft diameter: Approx. 8mm
Color: Silver (Internal) Black (External)
Weight: Approx. 0.18kg

Package Included:

1 x Studio Flash Black Sliver Umbrella

Detail Pictures: