Kaisi 51in1 Opening Tools Kit Versatile Screwdriver Repair Set for Phones Home Appliances


The Video to  the Kaisi K-T9051 Opening Tools Kit:


Kaisi 51in1 K-T9051 Opening Tools Kit Versatile Screwdriver Repair Set for Phones Home Appliances

1. Design professional and practical, beautiful appearance, convenient to carry and use.
2. The outer box adopts ABS, TPE multi material injection molding for one time, double color design with no skid.
3. According to the special handle hand shape design of the human body mechanics, can be dismounted according to different space needs.
4. Universal and easy disassembly and assembly of the connecting rod, can be used in special work environment.
5. Precision screwdriver specifications, using high material chrome vanadium steel(6150#) after special high temperature treatment.
6. Rod interface is internally provided with a strong magnet, the cutter head mounted to the level can be absorbed screws.
7. Can adapt to various operation field, fit for opening mobile phones, notebook, MP3, toys, chargers, household appliances;
   the use of wide range, suitable for DIY, precision equipment disassembly,family etc..

1. Model:K-T9051 Versatile Screwdrivers Set
2. Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
3. Box Size: 150x125x35mm (LxWxH)
4. Application: Fit for repairing mobile phones, laptops, MP3, toys, small appliances, etc.
5. Quantity: 40 bit +7 socket +1 handle + 1 universal connecting rod + 1 extension +
   1 anti-static tweezers, a total of 51 parts

Package included:
1 x 51 in 1 Versatile Screwdrivers Set

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