LiitoKala Lii-300 1.2V/3.7V Li-ion And NiMH LCD Smartest Battery Charger


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Product name: LiitoKala Lii-300 1.2V/3.7V Battery Charger
Brand: LiitoKala 
Model: Lii-300 
DC Input voltage: 12V/1.5A
Li-ion battery charging current: 4.2±0.05V
NiMH battery charging current: 1.42v
Compatible Batteries: 18650,26650,14500, AA, AAA, etc.(not included)
Cut-off current: < 100 mA
Converter standby current: < 15.0 mA
Weight: 120g+100g+32g
Size: 140mm(L) x 68mm(W) x 32mm(H)


1. More charge current regulation (500mA / 1000mA)
2. It can be of different size batteries while charging(18650/26650……/AA/AAA)
3. Variety of display modes,voltage (V) Current (mA) Time (h) Capacity (mAh) resistance (mR)
4. Each independent LCD display battery charging parameters;
5. Have 0 V voltage activation function
6. Discharger mode (first discharging and then fully charge), detection of battery capacity.
7. Each cell can be set simultaneously charge / discharge function, and a separate set charge / discharge function
8. The charger has two button, control the charging current, easy to use current button. Hold down the select key under any circumstances and keep 3 seconds gently press the select key change the charging mode and discharging mode, 8 seconds after selected need to have current into the charging status.

The USB output parameters:
1, the USB port output no-load voltage: 4.90-5.30 V.
2, the output current: 1000 mA;
3, no-load current: < 1 m A;
4, 1000 m – A load current, the port output voltage: 4.80-5.25 V.
5, stop output voltage protection: 3.0 + / – 0.1 V.

1. The charger can only cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, and compatible with nimh batteries;
2. Before use, please refer to the instructions carefully, pay attention to the rechargeable battery choice;
3. Do not use other power adapter;
4. Only can be used in normal indoor.
5. Stop the use, please unplug the power
Package included:
1 X LiitoKala Lii-400 1.2V/3.7V Battery Charger

1 X 1.5A adapter
1 x Car charger


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