Mini Convex Mirror Multicolor LED Flashlight Keychain Keyring


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Material: Aluminum
Multi-colors: Silver / Blue / Green / Red / Purple / Black
Light Color:White (as pic shown)
Quantity: 1 pc
Size(LxD): approx. 5.7cm x 1.5cm (Like the picture show)

1.Shell Aviation magnesium alloy material, high strength, low weight, surface oxidation treatment through a special, more wearable, feel more comfortable.
2.LED semiconductors using micro-light, new energy-saving light source life of up to 100,000 hours.
3.Micro: Compact / lightweight / portable length.
4.Built-in three AG13 button Batteries.
5.Suitable for Self Safety,cycling,caving,climbing,camping,biking,exploring and outdoors activities.

The first time, to open the battery cover, remove the battery at the bottom of the white insulation sheet before they can be used.

Package includes:
1 x Mini Convex Mirror LED Flashlight Torch

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Color Black, Color Blue, Color Green, Color Purple, Color Red, Color Silver