Mini Touch Switch Small LG LED Light Use 16340 CR123A Batteries


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1. This product is imported from LG 4 large light-emitting surface, high luminous efficiency, low heat, the color is excellent;
2. This product is lead-free SMT process, using lead-free soldering process, the entire lead-free, ease of use.
4.Batteries:A brand 16340 rechargeable battery capacity 600mAH, lit you can use six hours,
                     A low-cost 16340 rechargeable battery capacity 300mAH, lit you can use 3 hours

1 This product comes with anti-reverse protection, if you find into the battery, touch is not light, check whether the battery upside;
2 This product is a touch sensitive switch, For carry, remove the batteries to prevent battery after inadvertently waste;
3 This product has not built anti-discharge protection circuit, please weak when the LED brightness and timely to charge the battery.

Package included:
1 x Mini Touch Switch Small LG LED Light

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Light Warm Light, Light White Light