Multifunctional Pliers Ax/Screwdriver/Safety Hammer/Camping Tool


Multifunctional Pliers Ax Screwdriver /Ax /Knife /Saw /Bottle Opener /Hammer, Camping Tool
Folded size: 16 * 9 *3.5CM
Weight: 405G 
Material: high-quality stainless steel, durable. Bakelite handle, feel comfortable.
Scope: outdoor sports , gift tools , home essential , camping tools , collection safety hammer
Small and light, easy to carry.

It can be used  as:
1. pliers,
2. wire cutters,
3. screw clamp,
4. hammers,
5. axes (wear rubber sleeve safer),
6. knives,
7. phillips screwdriver,
8. saw,
9. hex positioning wrench, 
10. blade,
11. file,
12. bottle opener

Package Included:
1x multifunctional pliers ax

1x portable bag