Original VAPPOWER IMR18650 3000mah 50A(Max) Lithium Battery


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Product name: VAPPOWER IMR18650 3000mah 50A Lithium Battery
Nominal Voltage:3.6v
Charging Voltage:4.2v
Standard Charging :CC-CV, 1.25A, 4.2V±0.05, 50mA cut-off
Rapid Charging:CC-CV, 4A, 4.2V±0.05, 100mA cut-off
Energy Density:Nom.240Wh/kg
Max. discharge current:30A
Max. pulse discharge:50A
Discharge cut-off voltage:2.5V
Internal resistance:Max.20mΩ
Cell weight:47G
Cell dimension:Height:  65.0±0.30 mm  Diameter:  18.3±0.30 mm
Ambient temperature:
Charge : 0 to 50
Discharge: -20 to 70
Storage: -20 to 35

Package included:
1 x VAPPOWER IMR18650 3000mah 50A Lithium Battery