Pro HD-160 LED Video Light Lamp For DSLR Camera DV Camcorder


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Pro HD-160 LED Video Light Lamp For Canon DSLR Camera DV Camcorder


It has the button of power level, it can indicate the present power level.
Matched with fixing screws, it can adjust illumination direction of LED lighting.
Matched with a diffuser and two filters, it can adjust the color temperature of the light.
With shoe adapter, it can be used to connect the LED lighting and camera apparatus.
It consists of 160 pieces highlighted LEDs, with mighty power and balanced luminance.
With Panasonic Li-ion battery adapter, it is used for connecting Panasonic SD lithium battery.

Specification :

Total power 9.6W
Voltage 7.2V-8.4V
Led quantity 160pcs
Color temperature 3200-5400K
Item size 14 x 9.5 x 5.5cm / 5.51" x 3.74" x 2.17"
Battery FV series  ( FV50,FV70,FV90 )
F series ( F550,F570,F770,F960,F970 )
FH series  ( FH50,FH60,FH70,FH90,FH100 )
Sony FM series (FM50,FM55H,FM500H,QM71D,QM91D)
Panasonic D series (D08S,D16S,D28S,D54S) and AA battery
Suitable for All standard ISO 518-2006 hot shoe
Other Camcorders, not for sony camera or camcorder
Cameras : Canon, Nikon, Sigma Olympus, Pentax,Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Samsung, Fisher

Package included :

1 x HD-160 LED light
3 x Diffuser
1 x Hot shoe adapter (batteries are not included)