Sevenoak SK-W01 Handheld Steady Video Stabilizer For DSLR Camera


Sevenoak SK-W01 Handheld Steady Video Stabilizer For DSLR Camera


Sevenoak Cam Stabilizer SK-W01 is a camera stabilization system for lightweight camcorders, SLRs, and other cameras. It features with lightweight design, precision adjustment screws, rigid construction etc, and allows you to “fly” almost anywhere the scene takes you up and down steps, indoor and outside, through crowds etc.


Comfortable handle grip
Quick-release mounting plate
Rigid Aluminum construction
Side-to-side trim screw
Fore-and-aft trim screw
Horizontal and vertical trim screw
Addable counter weight


1. Choose proper weights according to the weight of your camera
2. Lock your camera onto the mounting plate
3. Balance adjusting
Fore-and-aft trim
Side-to-side trim
Horizontal and vertical trim
4. Lock the fore-and-aft trim screw, side-to-side trim screw and horizontal and vertical trim screw when balance is achieve.


Material: aluminum alloy
Main pallet width: 6.5cm
Handle diameter: 33mm
Size: 35 x 19.5 x 12cm
Maximum load: 3KG
Net weight: 705g
Package weight: 1.7KG

Package included:

1 x SK-W01 video stabilizer
3 x Counterweight