Titanium Alloy Cylinder Keychain Lantern With 3×22.5mm Tritium Vials


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Product name: Titanium Alloy Cylinder Keychain Lantern
Material: Titanium Alloy
Keychain size: 33mm x 9mm(length x width)
Weight: 4.1g
Tritium Vials Size: 3×22.5mm
Tritium Vials Color: green,blue,white,orange

1.It is a keychain fob specifically designed to hold a standard 3×22.5mm self-luminous tritium vial.
2.Tritium vials come in a variety of colors, and will glow for many years without requiring any type of "charging" from sunlight.
3.The light never needs batteries, and is really only visible as a glow in low light conditions inside about 30 feet. Pretty much its just a cool way to accessorize your stuff.

Package included:
1 x Titanium Alloy Cylinder Keychain Lantern

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Color Blue, Color Green, Color Orange, Color White