Universal NanGuang Lambency Soft Flash Diffuser Cover Set


Universal NanGuang Lambency Soft Flash Diffuser Cover Set For Nikon Canon DSLR


This is an universal design flash diffuser suitable for different size flashes.
Lambency diffuser spread and soften the light emitted from your flash unit, bouncing off ceilings and walls, instead of coming from a single concentrated light source.
Reduce common flash photography problems like over exposure, harsh shadows and red-eyes.
With "bowl of light" can diffuse throughout the soft light inside the mask, thereby evenly spread over all the shooting, making the best soft image effect.
Three top case colors: silver, yellow, white.
Convenient installation, light weight and easy carry.


Type: Flash diffuser
Model: NG-F02
Brand: NanGuang
Top case color: White, orange, silver
Material: ABS + PVC

Package Included:

1 x Soft Flash Diffuser NG-F02 (not include camera)
1 x White Dome
1 x Orange Dome
1 x Silver Dome

Detail Pictures: