YinYan CY-20 Mini Universal Flash Speedlite Hot Shoe Sync Port


 YinYan CY-20 Mini Universal Flash Speedlite Hot Shoe Sync Port For DSLR Camera


Yinyan CY-20 Mini Flash is the structure of compact, portable, and be used for various  cameras. The  pitch angle adjustable lamp holder, not only is filmed in color and  black-and-white photos of the ideal light source, but also can be used as the  auxiliary light photo shoot.


Color Temperature: 5600K
Recovering Time: 7 (sec.)
Flash Duration: 1/1000(sec.)
Flash Index: GN20m (ISO100, DIN21) 
Triggering Method: low voltage trigger
Illuminating Angle: Horizontal 60°, Vertical 40°      
Power Source:  2 x AA batteries (NiDd and NIMH chargeable batteries can be used)            
Dimension: 65 x 60 x 98mm          
Weight: 150g

Compatible With:

Except Minolta and Sony anti-intercalation Shoe
All ordinary digital camera and  traditional cameras
Even if  there is no hot shoe, through the primer flash can also be used successfully

How To Use:  
Index (GN) = aperture (F) x distance (L)
For example: If the photo nasty is  ISO100/DIN21, the distance between the camera and the main feature is 5m, then  the aperture is approximately F/4.
  1. Fix the distance between camera and the object by your eye
  2. Then find the parameter on the exposure meter
  3. Find the photo nasty of your camera from the first vertical line of the left exposure  meter
  4. The joint of this two lines is approximately the aperture number

Package included:

1 x Yinyan CY-20 Mini Flash Speedlite ( not included battery and Camera )

Detail pictures: